About Us

Who We Are

Sasquatch Punches is a transmedia production company focused on creating smart, genre-oriented stories across multiple platforms.  We want to tell powerful stories.  And as everyone knows, there is nothing more powerful than the punch of a sasquatch.

Saurabh Kikani

Saurabh has a diverse educational and professional background.  He graduated from UCLA with a BA in political science, though he spent half his time ditching so he could catch screenings at the film department.  He spent time in NYC where, among other things, he earned a JD from Fordham Law, and made the decision to devote himself to filmmaking, storytelling, and on occasion, a little political activism.  He’s spent time in the trenches, interning on Mira Nair’s film “The Namesake”, as well as paying his dues at Cinetic Media and This is That Productions.  He made his way back to the west coast and helped out in various capacities on the independent film “Blur”, as well as writing, producing, directing, and even starring in a few short films.  Saurabh got a taste of the studio side of things as a development intern at De Line Pictures on the Warner Bros. lot.  He also has been making the rounds in LA as a stand up comic, performing at the world famous Comedy Store and Hollywood Improv.  During all of that time he has been honing his writing and producing skills, like Daniel Larusso mastering the drum technique in the Karate Kid part 2 before the big castle showdown in Okinawa.   But even better than that.  As one of the founders of Sasquatch Punches, Saurabh looks forward to bringing his love of storytelling to audiences everywhere.

Samuel Cheung

Sam spent his days at UCLA as a computer science major, professional prankster, and all around cinephile. Upon graduation, Sam climbed the ranks at Microsoft while spending his spare time taking classes in screenwriting, directing, and general film production.  During that time, Sam played a key producing and development role in the feature length independent film “Blur”.  He also cut his teeth on a series of well-received short films, including festival favorite “Laundry”, which he wrote, produced, shot, edited, and directed.  Since that time, Sam has transferred to Google, where he was recently commissioned with writing and producing a comedic short film, shot in 3-D, titled “Code Blue”.  Having gone through at least 36 chambers of Shaolin-like training, Sam’s writing, producing, directing and editing skills have attained razor-sharp status.  Sam, being one of the founders of Sasquatch Punches, as well as a fan of the early films of Van Damme, insists on telling stories that have an impact.  A double impact.