Monday, June 7, 2010

Transmedia Workflow

The guys over at Zen Films have posted up a very interesting flow chart for the development and implementation of a transmedia project. check it here.

In other news, this weekend saw a packed producer's conference called the Produced By Conference. There is an interesting write up in IndieWire reporting on one of the panels about the current doldrums of the film industry, a couple disparaging remarks about transmedia, and thoughts about the way forward. While I don't agree with the comments made about transmedia, I do think it raises an important question about how to turn these ideas into effective business models. Such is the delicate dance of art and commerce. The relevant quote is here:

"The content currently described as “transmedia,” Herskovitz said, is just “using old media to leverage into new media,” thus expanding the platforms for exploitation. The panelists urged aspiring producers to develop their ability to collaborate and form productive creative relationships. “A good productive creative relationship with a writer, actor or director who you believe in and can sell and work with – that’s the secret of success,” said Van Petten."

And here is another fantastic report about the conference from my good friend, producer Smriti Mundhra, writing for Filmmaker Magazine. Some great insights for all of us who are on the indie film side of things, or somewhere in that strange purgatory in between the studio and the indie world.

My own thoughts on all of the above will be coming soon. Till then, on a note completely unrelated to the above topics, I cannot wait for the new solo album from Big Boi of Outkast fame. Every single released song so far has been ridiculously good.

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