Thursday, May 27, 2010

Glib...You're Being Very Glib

I just find that line from Tom Cruise hilarious. Nothing to do with this post. Which is a bit glib after all, isn't it? Or maybe I am not totally sure what that word means.

Anyway, a longer post will be on the way, but some food for thought until then- Is transmedia really the future? Even for entertainment properties that aren't necessarily attempting transmedia stories, the seeds for transmedia seem to be planted in a lot of upcoming films and shows. And one of the best examples of a property that is ripe for transmedia is Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

Besides being a great comic, and what I hope will be a fantastic movie from one of my favorite working directors Sir Edgar Wright (he's not knighted, but he should be for Shaun of the Dead alone), the story is filled with references to other films, video games, comics, and cool indie/underground music. The storytelling itself is enhanced by one's knowledge of these references, making the reader/viewer feel immersed in a universe that is recognizable yet entirely its own. I could see the story being expanded (not adapted, which is an important distinction) to video games, more comics, social networks, music, and on and on. The characters are rich enough, the world is expansive enough, and most importantly, the story is fun enough to warrant such immersion and interaction.

Sasquatch Punches has some transmedia properties of our own being cooked in the Yeti's kitchen. Stay tuned. Until then, here's a trailer for the movie I am most excited for this summer, the aforementioned Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Which is the opposite of this movie.

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